Loose Ends: Thanks for Giving II

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THANKS to Meeker Video’s number one canine pamperer, Angie Arnold, who always makes sure that all her doggy friends get a biscuit or two.
THANKS to Trish Hallebach for exchanging regular “granny tales” and actually asking to hear the latest rendition of the grandchildren’s antics.
THANKS to the pioneer street builders insuring that all of the downtown streets were wide enough for cars, trucks, bicycles and the U- and elbow-turn regulars (you know who you are).
THANKS to Rick Heming at Strata.com, the friendly and patient customer-comes-first computer technician.
THANKS to all of the penny-pushing merchants, who insure that their customers have a spare penny, when they are a cent short.
THANKS to the community residents who follow the “not-going-to-go-there, won’t ask, so don’t tell” conversational policy when someone is going through difficult times. By refraining from asking, “How are you, really?” they keep small talk truly small and comfortable.
THANKS for all of the White River valley folks who fill their tables on Thanksgiving day with friends, relatives, and neighbors who don’t have anywhere else to go.