Man in fatal shooting identified; officers placed on paid leave

DINOSAUR I On March 9, Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Nathan Martinez of Rangely told investigators that around 2 p.m. he was off Highway 40, approximately 10 miles east of the Utah border issuing a road kill permit when he took note that Moffat County Deputy Sheriff Bhrent Shock was just a few miles away, investigating a suspicious vehicle.

Once Martinez finished up his permit, he headed over to assist.
For Lou Dean Jacobs, the afternoon also started out like any other. She loaded her two dogs into her pickup at her home in Blue Mountain and headed out to take them for a walk. However, Jacobs’ plans quickly took an unexpected turn.
While Shock was inspecting the suspicious vehicle, a white Ford Explorer, Martinez noticed some footprints, which he followed to a nearby hill, approximately 200 feet away, where he reportedly found two individuals, later identified as Georgie Hand and James Damon, sitting on the ground.
Martinez reportedly asked the couple some basic questions about who they were and what they were doing. According to his statement, it was during this time that Damon drew his handgun, pointed it at Martinez’ head and threatened to “blow his [expletive] head off.”
Damon reportedly proceeded to disarm Martinez. Once disarmed, Martinez was reportedly led back toward their vehicle, where Shock was unaware of the situation.
Once the group reached Shock’s location, Damon reportedly told Shock to lay face down while Damon removed his service weapon, taser and handcuffs then handcuffed Shock’s right hand to his service belt and forced both officers to the ground.
Martinez stated that when he was forced to the ground he felt certain he and Shock were going to die and that he decided to fight back.
The officers reportedly jumped at Damon, at which time Martinez was able to get ahold of a gun and shoot Damon, who died on the scene. Hand was then quickly disarmed and placed in handcuffs.
It was at this time that Lou Dean Jacobs heard the gunshots and noticed that Martinez was in the area.
“When I got there, I saw the game warden’s truck,” Jacobs said. “I saw him standing there with something on the ground in front of him. I thought it was an animal at first. I was going to turn around. I was thinking, I’m not going to get in on this.”
What she said she found was not an animal being put down, but a man laying face down on the ground, dead.
“I heard someone hollering my name, ‘Lou Dean, I need your help,’” she said.
At this point, Jacobs said she noticed there was another officer, Deputy Shock, who was handcuffed.
“I don’t know what all happened; I guess he was handcuffed by the assailants,” she said.
At Martinez’ direction, Jacobs said she went to assist Shock in removing his handcuffs.
“I’d never tried to do that before, so he was trying to talk me through getting the handcuffs off,” Jacobs said.
Law enforcement records showed that Damon and Hand were wanted in Mississippi, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.
Hand has been charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder, four counts of second-degree kidnapping, four counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of disarming a police officer, two counts of felony menacing, one count of trespassing and one count of possession of a weapon by a previous offender.
Martinez and Shock have been placed on administrative leave for the time being.
“It was something, it’s just unbelievable for out here,” said Jacobs, adding that she is thankful that both officers are safe.
The district attorney’s office in Moffat County said that the incident is being investigated by the Critical Incident Team from the 14th Judicial District.