Many helped clean Barone parking area

Dear Editor:
It is with great pleasure that I thank those who donated their time and equipment to fix up the parking lot area of Barone Middle School.
On Sunday, Aug. 25, several families got together at the middle school to clean up the divider between the parking lot and the bus lane.
Through their efforts, all of the old bushes, grass and weeds were removed and 20 new bushes were planted. Along with the bushes, weed barrier was placed around the bushes and gravel was added.
Meeker Sand and Gravel donated the washed gravel and Travis Adams and Corky Bradfield hauled it for us.
Additionally, BMS would like to thank Jennifer Turner and her daughters, Halle and Jayde; Coley and Kellie Turner and their kids, Casey, Kenzie and Kelton; Logan Hughes; Lenny and Jackie Klinglesmith and their daughters, Lori Ann and Lila; Hallie Blunt and her son, Connor; and Zach Clatterbaugh and his sons, Colby and Brennen.
Jim Hanks
Barone Middle School