Meeker Ghostriders go upriver

MEEKER — Instead of proceeding with our usual horseback riding meeting, the 4-H Ghostriders club visited the Marvine Ranch last Sunday afternoon. From heated arenas to the amazing “mare motel,” the Marvine does it all.
The mare hotel is home to many horses and each stall has a camera to watch the mares so they will know when she is ready to give birth. Club members also saw a Quentin Blue, a mare who had a particularly funny attitude. She was showing off for us by prancing around her pen and making quite the scene.
The mare motel had a newborn foal in it. It had a protective mom and she wouldn’t let us see the foal.
Club members had fun learning about the world of horses.
“You can do so much with a horse,” said ranch manager Bobby Castaldo.
Castaldo said he had not been around horses much before he came to Colorado.
The Meeker Ghostriders 4-H Club is so very appreciative of everyone at the Marvine for taking the time to teach us and for your hospitality.