Meeker goes “Las Vegas Style” for 2013 homecoming

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MEEKER I Homecoming week started Monday for the students at Meeker High School, but the action picks up Friday and Saturday with a parade, an undefeated football team, a bonfire and the annual homecoming dance.
The MHS Student Council chose “Las Vegas Style” as the theme of the event this year, and bright lights, playing cards and decorated floats will carry the Las Vegas theme, which will also be apparent on the gymnasium walls and windows.
This year’s homecoming royalty for the senior class includes Emilee Kohls, Taylor Ahrens, Justin Giao and Bailey Mantle. The juniors have chosen Rosa Ochoa, Sydney Hughes, Joe Newman and Levi Dinwiddie. The sophomore class will be represented by Maegan McGruder, Caitlyn Shepherd, Sammy Palmer and Cole Purcell while the freshman class selected Cody Nielson, Linda Lombardi, Maggie Phelan and Sheridan Harvey.
During the week, the students have been participating in different dress-up days trying to beat other classes by having the most students dress up.
On ‘Merica Monday, students donned their best red, white and blue outfits to display their patriotism. Gender Switch Tuesday involved the girls dressing in boys’ clothes while the boys came attired in girls’ clothing.
Wednesday was Vegas Theme where each class and teachers were assigned their own sub-theme. The freshmen had “Circus Circus” like the famous casino hotel. The sophomores had the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” theme like the famous Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Juniors had a broader theme with “Retro Vegas” along with the seniors who had “Glamour day.” The teachers dressed up like celebrities.
“So we don’t need to dress up,” said student council sponsor Kathleen Kelley, saying that the teachers are celebrities.
Today is Caveman/Hobo Day, when the students will dress just the opposite of Wednesday, taking on the look of someone who perhaps didn’t fare well on their trip to Las Vegas.
Friday is School Colors Day, and the students will display their best use of the black and gold school colors.
Another competition during the week is the Coin Wars tradition. Classes are trying to raise money by putting their coins into their class’s jars, but there is a catch. Pennies are good and count as points in the jar, but silver coins such as quarters, dimes and nickels count against the class. Different classes can put coins in other jars.
A peach fuzz volleyball game was held yesterday at 3:15 p.m., and a powder puff football game will be held at 3:30 p.m. today. The peach fuzz game pitted boys from the various classes against each other and the powder puff football game pits the girls from the various classes against each other.
On Friday, the homecoming parade begins at 1 p.m. The parade will be followed by the school pep rally at 2:30 p.m. on the courthouse lawn.
The parade will have the homecoming royalty riding on fancy cars, the cheerleaders and football players riding on a fire truck and music will be offered by the Meeker High School marching band.
The classes will create floats and mascots to attempt to beat other classes in style and theme.
“Not only does it bring our student body together as a whole, but it is an enjoyable time,” said senior class president Ohana Mataia.
“Homecoming binds the school together and gives us a purpose to try,” senior Torrie Gerloff said.
“Homecoming defines who we are,” said Principal Kim Ibach. “With all this schooling, we need a little fun.”
The football game is at home at 7 p.m. against a tough Cedaredge Bruins team. The Cowboys bring a strong 4-1 record into the game, and the students, parents and community members are encouraged to join the crowd to cheer on the team. At halftime the school will light the “Flaming M” which will be wrapped with donated sheets from Tuesday’s Toga Day. Last year, Cedaredge was the state champion.
Also on Friday, the girls’ volleyball team will take on Paonia. The games begin at 4 p.m.
This year will be the best,” senior Bruno Juarez said.