Meeker High School Supply List

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All Math Classes:
TI-83+ or 84+ Graphing Calculator
Graph and lined paper
3-ring binder for papers and pencils
Ruler (Metric and English)
Colored pencils

Science classes:
3-ring binder notebooks
Graph and Lined paper
Bound composition book(college ruled at least 80 sheets for field/lab notes)available at Jackson’s
Indelible ink pen (black or blue)
Metric ruler
Colored pencils

Social Studies (Geography/World History)
3-ring notebooks
Binder or folders for material collections
3-hole Paper
Spiral notebooks
Colored paper

Computer Classes:
USB Jump Drive (min 512 M)
Foreign Language:
3-ring notebooks
Binders or folders for material collections
3-hole paper
Spiral notebooks
P.E./Personal Fitness:
Appropriate dress for class(shorts, sweats, tennis shoes)
Weight-training gloves

Small sketch pad
6 #2 pencils
2 soft erasers
2 black extra fine point sharpies

Upper-Level Math Classes:
TI-83+ or 84+ Graphing Calculator
Drawing Compass
Graph and lined paper
3-ring binder notebook
Metric ruler
Colored pencils

Lang Art and Lit Classes:
2 composition notebooks
Assorted highlighters
Style manual (Elements of Style or similar)
Pens, pencils
Survival Skills:
1 (2”) binder for resource files
1 (2”) binder for Career Portfolio

Voc. – Ag Classes:
(1) 2”-binder
1 1”-binder (Mechanics class)
A pair of 100% Cotton Coveralls
Leather Shoes – (Ag Mechanics)
Instrument related supplies
Proper Concert dress (black slacks, dark shoes/socks, and white button down shirt)

Notebooks, Paper
Special items to be announced at first class meeting

USB Jump Drive
Pencils, pens, erasers/whiteout

Alternative Education:
3 ring binder notebooks
Letter size (11 ¾ x 9 1/2)”) portfolio
Pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers
3-hole paper
Blank computer disks