Meeker Investment Group celebrates 25th anniversary

MEEKER I The Meeker Investment Group is a chapter of the National Association of Investors Corporation. The NAIC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing investing education. The association is based in Madison Heights, Michigan, and is composed of investing clubs along with individual investors from around the United States.

The Meeker chapter was founded by Connie Hughes and the group’s goal has been of an educational nature. Not only do the group members study stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange for personal investment opportunities, but they also follow and sometimes invest in stocks as a group for educational purposes. The group shares stock research with one another as well as educates members on how to do their own research such as what to look for in a stock and things to stay away from.
Hughes told the story of how she was inspired to start the Meeker Investment Group. “I watched a video of a group of women who were in a kitchen making an apple pie. While the women were making the pie, they explained that investing in stocks was a lot like making a pie. You need all the right ingredients and the proper amount of time in the oven to make it turn out right. Research and trading in the stock market is very similar.” Ultimately, she called a number of her friends and acquaintances and shared the video with them. The enthusiasm it generated gave birth to the Meeker Investment Group.
As part of the anniversary celebration, Florence Hazelbaker (also a founding member) was honored with a cake. Unfortunately, Hazelbaker was unable to attend.



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