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It’s been a rough week for hometown girl Lori (Smith) McInnis and her husband, gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis. In the wake of allegations of plagiarism, McInnis has agreed to return the $300,000 he received for articles written for a non-profit group. Opponents for the governor’s race are demanding he step down from his candidacy. What do you think?
The heat wave sparked two wildfires in the Meeker area recently. We should be glad we aren’t yet included in the beetle invasion. A drive through Colorado’s mountains reveals huge areas of dry, dead, standing wood. Fire there will burn hot and fast, threatening whole towns and Colorado’s transportation arteries.
Over the 4th of July weekend, 71 people got together at Fuzz and Roberta Cook’s home.
Happy birthday to Caleb Gardner, Austin Purcell and Sonya Garcia, July 22; Steven Kinnamon and Madison Kindler, July 25; Fabian Jones, Kirstie Smith and Christopher J. Strate, July 26; Sarah Miller, July 27; Katie Conrado, Kim Cook, Gahge Lagimoniere, Dakota Giao, Amy May, Florence Klein and Solveig Olsen, July 28.
Happy anniversary to Mike and Kim Gould, July 22; Jim and Debbie Cook, July 23; Coley and Kellie Turner, July 24; Kevin and Edye Posey, July 25; Fain and Nancy Richardon, Bob and Sharon Cook, July 26; and Curll and Linda Kline, July 28.
Comments from our Facebook friends on last week’s front page article about saddle maker Bob Klenda: “The man is a true artist.” “Saddle making is such a lost art and I am happy there are people in the community who still do it!” “And takes time to work with our 4-H youth!”
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— Harold Tymes