Meeker Locals: April 2 Edition

Some folks have started seeing the return of the buses that transport workers to the Piceance. That could mean more workers are about to head our way as the snow starts to break.
Many people think the oil and gas companies have bailed out of the Piceance. The county estimates about 2,000 trucks are on County Road 5, so that means there are several thousand workers still working away.
J.D. “Doc” Watson has been a contributor to Christian Computing Magazine for many years. He often writes about tips and tricks to improve your experience on your computer. You can access the magazine at for free.
Some of you who called the office may have been surprised to hear owner/publisher Mitch Bettis’ voice over the phone. Mitch was in town last week while Tonya Morris took a well-deserved vacation to visit her in-laws, Gerald and Twila Morris, down in warm and sunny Arizona. Complaints regarding the spring break snowstorms can be sent to Mitch — who said he enjoys the snow — in care of Harold.
Apologies to Cindy Welle for getting her birthday wrong last week. She won’t celebrate until May. But hey, Cindy, you’re nice enough to get a double birthday greeting! For some reason, the entire Welle family has their birthdates messed up in our system. We keep trying to fix it, and then another one pops up on the calendar!
This week’s birthday boys and girls around town include Mason Allen, April 2; Kimberly Devereaux, April 3; Jessie Corbin, April 4; Mikayla Brink, April 5; David Buckles, J.H. Sheridan and Shelbi Blazon, April 6; Helen Ruth Oliver, April 7; and Bev Shaw, April 8.
Happy 19th anniversary to Pat and Niki Turner, April 8.
Harold and the Herald Times staff would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter!
Seen Meeker in the news recently? Let Harold know where Meeker (and Meekerites) are turning up around the globe. Is someone in your family having a birthday or anniversary soon? Let us know! Please send birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and other social tidbits.