Meeker Locals: April 3, 2008

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MEEKER — Horrors. Road construction season is upon us already. Plan your trips south in the next two or three weeks to avoid delays! The highway department is planning to repair the section of road that keeps trying to collapse just past Rio Blanco Hill. The repairs are scheduled to start April 14 or 21 and will result in delays of up to 30 minutes. No oversize or overweight loads will be allowed during the project. Where, oh where, will all the semis go? It actually might make the drive somewhat pleasant for a month or so, if you don’t mind the wait.
Did anyone notice all the police tape at the Valley Motel last week? Big city stuff comes to town.
Anybody know what happened to the power in Rifle last Friday? Several Meeker residents got caught in the dark during a shopping trip to Wal-Mart when the power went out. They had to head home not just in the dark, but without their shopping treasures!
Birthday celebrants in Meeker this week include Mikayla Brink, who will be 18 on April 5. J.H. Sheridan turns 40 on April 6. Happy birthday to Jessie Corbin and Teresa Gilbert, April 4; Kirk Gumm and David Buckles April 6; Karen Doll, April 7; Joe Newman and Laurette Sikes, April 8.
Happy belated first birthday to Mason Allen on April 2.
Happy belated anniversary to Bobby and Wendy Gutierrez, April 1.
Happy anniversary to Richard and Brinda Bland, April 4; Pat and Niki Turner, April 8.
Are you or your family members missing from this list? Please send us your family’s special dates — anniversaries, birthdays, etc. — so we can celebrate with you! Send info to, or mail items to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, Colo., 81641.