Meeker Locals: December 11

Santa was a busy fellow last weekend, sharing breakfast with a slew of Meekerites young and old Saturday morning and — we hear — making a trip to Jarvie Ranch via river boat in the afternoon. Several Meeker families were in attendance.
As the price of gasoline hits a five-year low nationwide, and prices in Grand Junction hover around $1.60 a gallon, we are left to wonder why local prices remain above the $2 mark. Can anyone provide a straight answer?
The subject of president-elect Obama’s smoking habit didn’t come up much during the campaign. Now that he’s on his way to the Oval Office, however, news anchor Tom Brokaw pinned him on whether he’s managed to quit his habit.
Former first lady Hillary Clinton instituted a no-smoking policy in the White House during her husband’s administration (was that before or after the cigar scandal?). Will our incoming president be forced to hover around the service entrance to the White House to satisfy his nicotine cravings on particularly stressful days?
Today is Joshua Turner’s “golden birthday”! He turns 11 today, on Dec. 11. Other birthday celebrants this week include Carol Parr, Dec. 12; Susan Goettel and Braydon Garcia, Dec. 13; Virgil Garcia, Relda Coulter, DeLayne Kracht, Zippy Stahl, Steve Taylor, Pete Kiser, Sr., Luke Murray and Chase Rule, Dec. 14; Paula Kracht, Dec. 15; Jason Kracht, Karly Orris, Dec. 16; Gina Spencer, Danette Coulter, Holly Knezovich, Dec. 17.
Happy anniversary to Mason and Ethel Stout, Dec. 13, celebrating 71 years of marriage.
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