Meeker Locals: February 12

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, considered the most romantic holiday of the year. Approximately 85 percent of all Valentines are purchased by women. Esther A. Howland gets the credit for the first mass-produced Valentines in the United States in 1840. Howland is known as the “Mother of the Valentine” for her hand-crafted cards made from lace, paper and bits of pictures known as “scrap.”
The tradition of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day may stem (pardon the pun) as far back as the Persians, who practiced “the language of the flowers.” As each flower had a specific meaning, whole conversations could be spoken in a bouquet. Roses, the Valentine’s Day standard, represent love, of course.
And what would Valentine’s Day be without a heart-shaped box of fancy chocolates? Well, healthier, but certainly not as pleasant.
Happy Valentine’s Day wedding anniversary to Tom and Cindy Charest and Bobby and Deanna Lawson. Happy anniversary to Ben and Iris Franklin, Feb. 18.
Celebrating birthdays this week are Rob Baughman, Feb. 12; Scott Hutchins, Larry Hayes and Joann Carstens, Feb. 13; Claire Burke, Skyler Hutchins, Eli Newman, Feb. 14; Wendy Garrett, Feb. 15; Anna Eliasen, David Steinman, Feb. 16; Constance Hughes, Logan Tanner Piper, Cassi Fronatt, Justine Fronatt and Kris Borchard, Feb. 17; Michelle Miller, Hallie Blunt, Molly Theos, Janet Henderson, Mark Etchart, Kent Borchard, Feb. 18.
Happy belated birthday to Jason Steiner, Feb. 11.