Meeker Locals: February 26

A word of caution to everyone out there taking over-the-counter medications to deal with bouts of cold and flu: read the directions on the boxes. Medical personnel, and your body, will thank you!
“Grandma” Stubert would like to wish Clay Caldwell a very happy 25th birthday Feb. 27. That’s a whole quarter of a century. If you were a car, you’d be considered a classic now.
Happy birthday today, Feb. 26, to Becky Meyer, Iola Hicken, Bill Kracht and Robby Jensen. Happy birthday to Matt Jensen, Denver Hayes, Melayni Wangnild, Hanna Borchard, Sean Lafton and Sandy Shaw, Feb. 28. And happy birthday to Leap Year baby Meg Bettis, whose birthday is actually Feb. 29. We send birthday greetings to Joey Scherbarth and Martha Cole, March 1; Roberta Watt, Nori Pearce and Pat Love, March 2; Tia McKee and Sam Nieslanik, March 3. Happy belated birthday to Trina Cox, Feb. 24.
Brad and Jessica Wikoff, and Gus and Christine Halandras celebrate their anniversaries Feb. 29. Happy anniversary, even though it’s not a Leap Year.
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