Meeker Locals: February 5

If our ears were all we had to go by, we’d believe everyone was sick, everyone was broke, and the energy industry had just announced Black Sunday II. Let’s try an experiment, just for a week or so, start spreading some good news! Make it up, if you have to, and see what happens. You’ll probably feel better for it.
Want to avoid the crud that’s “going around”? Try washing your hands. The Center for Disease Control says washing your hands as few as four times a day can cut the incidence of illness by as much as 50 percent. An estimated one out of three Americans don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. Do your friends, neighbors and family members a favor and lather up!
Happy belated birthday to Jonathan Mazzella, Feb. 4. Wish a happy birthday to Karch Bullard, Kevin Borchard, Josh Day and Coe Uphoff, Feb. 6; Tannen Kennedy, Si Woodruff and Joy Allen, Feb. 8; Josie Clapper, Feb. 10.
Happy anniversary to Stanley and Vicki Crawford today, Feb. 5. Happy anniversary to Mike and Mary Whalin, Feb. 6.
Thank you to our readers who keep Harold updated! Don’t forget to send in those dates!
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