Meeker Locals: January 1

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You’ve got to love this idea. For the second year in a row, organizers of the ball-dropping event celebrated “good riddance day” on New Year’s Eve by shredding items from 2008 they wanted to forgot. Everything from “dear John” e-mails to those single socks left stranded in the dryer. Bank statements aside, what would you shred?
Everyone accuses the younger generation of not having any manners, but what about the elderly woman who didn’t even say thank you to the family who returned the contents of a box of crackers she had returned to the store. The catch? She’d stuffed her life savings, $10,000 cash, in the box before she returned it.
Since we keep having the smoking discussion here in the office, what about the Chinese man who served three days in jail after lighting up in the restroom on a public train?
Celebrating birthdays this week around town: Ruth Pearce and Rhonda Hilkey, Jan. 1; Amy Stewart and Teresa Mack, Jan. 2; Garrett Morris, Jan. 3; Cole Steiner, Jan. 4; Richard Bland, Marti Walsh, Alan Pontine, Colton Massey, Autumn Lawson, and Brenda Overton, Jan. 7.
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