Meeker Locals: January 29

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It seems like counting the proverbial chickens before they’ve hatched, but CDOT is already making its wish list for what they’ll do with money they “might” receive “if” the stimulus package passes. On the list, widening and reconstruction of Hwy. 13 between Rifle and Meeker. Didn’t we just do that?
Don’t forget to get your tickets for the annual Meeker Chamber of Commerce membership dinner. This year’s event will include a mystery theater group from Denver for your entertainment.
Who else was rudely awakened last week by the rat-a-tat-tat of raindrops? You know, when you hear that sound in January, it tends to make you think a pipe has burst or the roof is leaking. Nope, we got rain; enough to turn most everything into a slushy, sloppy mess.
Don’t mess with the library in Iowa. A woman was arrested this week on a fifth-degree theft charge for failure to return a library book she checked out in April. That should be enough to get you looking for those books you’ve forgotten about. There must not be a lot of crime in a community where the police department can take time to arrest library thieves.
Happy birthday wishes this week go out to Thomas Garrett, Jan. 29; Dennis Norvell and Sofia Cojocaru, Jan. 31; Steven Whalin, Jan. 31; Karen Jensen, Tyrell Turner, Joe Collins and Coy Leonard, Feb. 1. And a happy anniversary greeting to Tim and Cindy Nelson, Jan. 31.
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