Meeker Locals: July 31, 2008

MEEKER — On Sunday morning, a fellow riding a bicycle along County Road 8 called police to report he had been assaulted by a, well, uh, ahem — a donut. Yes, that particular kind of confectionery delight. Apparently, a vehicle passing the biker hurled the sugary treat at the biker, and the biker wasn’t happy about the drive-by surprise.
When the call came over the scanner for an officer to respond to the complaint, even the officer (Mike Washburn) had to ask the question all of us in “scanner-land” were asking at the exact same time — “A donut?” To Mike’s credit and to the credit of the dispatch officer at the communication center, neither broke out into a giggle. That is more than I can say for my reaction.
Now, I’ve never been hit by a donut flung from a passing automobile, and I don’t mean to make light of the situation. We all learned we shouldn’t throw food at each other pretty early in life. However, you have to admit it is a pretty unusual weapon of choice.
I’m not sure what makes a person throw a donut at an unsuspecting biker, but I would surmise the donut did not come from The Bakery. The Bakery’s donuts are fresh and, therefore, would not hurt very much. Presumably, the donut bandits came across some rock-hard, day-old doozies and were heaving those. Additionally, I presume, there is a welt from the encounter, and we could assume there is a hole in the center of the injury. However, it is possible the report came in as a donut when, in fact, it was a long john, honey bun or some other delicious pastry that wouldn’t leave such a distinguishing mark.
There’s been a lot of chatter lately in the paper noting that locals aren’t treating our visitors very well. I’m pretty sure throwing donuts at people constitutes poor hospitality — at least my mother never took kindly to me throwing food at my sister.
Happy 93rd birthday to Harry Tucker on Saturday, Aug. 2.
In addition, We wish very happy birthdays this week to Phyllis Lake, Makala Sherida, Aug. 1; Shawna Randall, Aug. 2; Darold Nay, Aug. 3; Marilynn Whiteman, Anthony Mazzola, Aug. 4; Sandy Shimko, Jewell Kindler, Michelle Carrothers, Rich Parr, Veronica Denney, Aug. 5; Diane Rudy, Aug. 6.
Happy anniversary to Wade and Marnell Bradfield, Ron and Gina Spencer, Don and Rosemary Hilkey, Aug. 2; Dale and Trish Hallebach, Bill and Donna Wille, Aug. 3; Jen and Shane Phelan, Obadiah and Meredith Deming, Aug. 5.
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