Meeker Locals: March 26

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It’s been said that if the month of March “comes in like a lion” and “goes out like a lamb.” With the snow flying outside this week it’s certainly looked more lion-like around here. The weather proverb, which may originate in the position of constellations Aries the Ram and Leo the Lion, dates back at least as far as 1624 when it appeared in a popular play.
Maybe we should start calling spring break “snow break.” To all of you spending the week in the tropics of Arizona, Mexico, Florida … may it rain on you. Just kidding.
Meeker’s birthday babies this week seem to come in pairs! Happy birthday to Edye Posey and Cindy Welle, March 26; Connie Jones and Betty Nielson, March 27; Mike Knezovich and Lois Richardson, April 1.
Celebrating wedding anniversaries this week are Travis and Mandy Mobley, March 26; Ellen and Joe Nieslanik, March 28; Jim and Pat McFarland, March 29; Grant and Betty Neilson, March 29; and Bob and Bonnie Carden, also March 29.
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