Meeker Locals: November 27, 2008

Are you sleepy? Don’t blame it on the turkey. Apparently the amount of the amino acid L-tryptophan in a serving of turkey is not enough to send us off to the land of Nod. The real cause of your post-Thanksgiving dinner drowsiness may be a combination of booze and a whopping dose of carbohydrates that send the body into metabolic overload. In other words, you’ve just eaten so much your body doesn’t have enough energy to do anything except try to digest all the extra fuel you just consumed.
Of course, if you were the preparer of the turkey and got up in the middle of the night to stick it in the oven, a lack of sleep could have something to do with your fatigue. Or if you are spending the holiday with a houseful of in-laws, well, no wonder you want to go take a nap!
Happy anniversary this Thanksgiving week to Earl and Marge Shrode, Nov. 28; David and Karen Arnold, Dec. 1
Wish a happy birthday to the following friends and neighbors when you see them this week: Brock Campbell, Randy Hall, Sam Love and Stacy Joos, Nov. 27; Rick Harvey and Doug Simmons, Nov. 28; Rick Dodds, Kevin Amack, Frank Stewart, Nov. 29; Zack Allen, Randia Rule, Nov. 30.
The word “social” describes something that is pertinent to communal activities, or something that is pertinent to or advances human society, according to The New American Webster dictionary. In other words, a so-called “social” column in the newspaper should be chock-full of items that pertain to the activities of a group of people and further the progress of that same group. Now that definition gives a little more credence to the “society” column, doesn’t it?
The purpose for filling up column inches with Harold’s Meeker news and Blake’s Rangely news is the overall improvement of our communities. Doesn’t that make you want to participate? Help us advance our society!
Please send birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and other “social” tidbits you’d like to share to to, or mail items to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, Colo., 81641. Without you, Harold is clueless!