Meeker Locals: October 2, 2008

Ordinarily, the newspaper would be least likely to point out a typo, since that’s like living in a glass house and throwing stones. However, after several weeks of driving past the electronic information sign near the CDOT shop just east of town, Harold can remain silent no longer! To the person responsible for entering the data to be displayed on the screen, the word “required” is not spelled correctly!
In an appropriate story for October, an Iowa woman went to clean out her coffee filter and found a dead bat lodged in it. Now for the really bad news. The bat had been in the filter all day — while her morning java percolated. She’s undergoing tests for rabies. Yuck.
By the way, Sept. 29 marked the 129th anniversary of the “Meeker incident,” the last Native American uprising in the U.S.
Happy belated birthday to Kathy Warren, who celebrated yesterday, Oct. 1
Celebrating birthdays this week around town: Blayne Fread, Greg Schram, Stanley Garcia, Oct. 2; Johnny Arrington, Jill Dunbar, Ken Maybury, Oct. 3; Sam Stranathan, Tom Allen, Oct. 4; Katie Proctor, Pat Turner, Oct. 5; Elijah Deming, Rebekah Cox, Oct. 6; Devon Harman, Branch Bullard, Jana Campbell, Deanna Lawson, Oct. 7; Melissa Kendall, Kathleen Kelley, Oct. 8.
Happy anniversary to Leon and Jeanie Stout, Oct. 2; Steve and Roxy Taylor, Oct. 4; Ted and Rose Storm, Oct. 8.
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