Meeker Locals: October 9, 2008

Harold’s got a question for y’all this week. What are the qualifications to be a local? With so many temporary workers and snowbirds and those who come to stay but find they can’t hack the isolation, the hard winters or the small town charm, what makes a person a local becomes a difficult question to answer. Any ideas, readers?
This Sunday is Clergy Appreciation Day — time to say thank you to your ministers, reverends, pastors and church leaders for their work throughout the year. The best way to say thanks might be to simply show up for an extra service this week!
Congratulations to new grandparents Bobby Gutierrez and Julianne Belland. Grandson Braydon Cooper Snyder was born Monday morning to daughter Haylee in Colorado Springs.
Celebrat-ing birthdays this week are Koley Borchard and Tevin Pelloni, Oct. 9; Shannon Sheridan, Oct. 11; Gabrielle Goettel and Dean Parr, Oct. 12; Kevyn Mack, Morgan Tegeder, Oct. 13; Gerald Oldland and Alex Freeman, Oct. 14; Gary Moyer, Gene Mintz and Sam Love, Oct. 15.
A belated anniversary wish to Brent and Carol Rowles, who celebrated Oct. 4. We’d like to wish very happy anniversaries to Billy and Roni Bibb, Oct. 9; Dave and Bev Steinman, also Oct. 9.
Apologies to Katie Proctor, who ended up in last week’s birthday list by mistake. Her real birthday is Nov. 21, not Oct. 5. Sorry, Katie, and thank you for letting us know!
Did we miss you? Were our dates wrong? Is there someone you’d like to send a special greeting to? There’s no “in crowd” in Harold’s column, so if we didn’t list your birthday or anniversary, it’s because we don’t have your information! Please let us know if we’ve missed a birthday or anniversary, or if we need to update our files. It’s interactive news! Send info to, or mail items to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, Colo., 81641.

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