Meeker marks small business week locally

MEEKER I Next week is National Small Business Week, and the Meeker Chamber of Commerce is trying to help local small businesses with reminders to town and area residents of the importance of shopping at home while supporting out local small-town businesses.

Citing the Small Business Administration motto of “Dream Big; Start Small,” the chamber wants to remind Meeker and area residents that by shopping locally, jobs are created, you are investing in the community, you can save time and money, you can help us retain our current businesses and you can enjoy better local service.
Create jobs: Shopping in your home town creates local employment and self-employment, and that helps your town’s tax base and keeps your friends, neighbors and family members working and earning wages.
Investing in your community: Local businesses are more generous in their support of local charities, schools and community events, and the owners are usually your family members, your neighbors and your friends.
Save time and money: You travel fewer miles, saving on time and fuel. You can often find great products at affordable prices and sometimes even cheaper prices without leaving home.
Retaining our businesses: People don’t like losing shops and services in small towns, but they don’t equate this with how they spend their money. Each penny and dollar that leaves the local community never enters into the local economy, and every dollar going elsewhere slows the growth of your home town, which hurts the town coffers as well as ourselves, our neighbors, our friends and our family.
Better services: We get better and quicker service if you go with local businesses. These businesses, who are located locally are here to serve you, they are quicker in their response, and the success of their business depends on how well they meet local needs.
Please give them the chance to show you what they are worth, the chamber urges.