Meeker Moving Forward shifts focus to land use code

RBC | With the update to Meeker’s Community Master Plan completed, Meeker Moving Forward is shifting its focus to updating the town’s Land Use Code. The Land Use Code is one of the key tools that the town has available to implement the Master Plan. The update to the Code will work to align Meeker’s regulations with the community’s Vision and Goals for the future.

To get the ball rolling on the update, the town’s consultant team has conducted a thorough review of, and gathered input from stakeholders on, the existing Land Use Code. They have also identified priorities from the Community Master Plan (pertaining to the town’s land use regulations and policies) and crafted recommendations to better align the updated Land Use Code with the newly adopted Master Plan. These priorities and recommendations will be used to guide to the update to Meeker’s Land Use Code and are presented in the Land Use Code Audit (visit to view this document).

The Land Use Code Audit summarizes key themes that emerged from the review of Meeker’s Land Use Code, as well as from discussions with stakeholders. These themes highlight the need to:

  • Create a more intuitive and user-friendly code.
  • Update existing zoning regulations to align with the Community Master Plan.
  • Simplify and streamline review processes.
  • Create more opportunities for a range of housing options.
  • Enhance Development Standards for select areas in Meeker.
  • Explore options to promote/incentivize certain types of development.
  • Ensure compliance with recent court rulings.

More information about the project can be found by visiting:

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