Meeker Summer Rodeo Series results from June 15

Meeker Mayor Regas Halandras got in on the rodeo action last week in the rawhide race, but his brief rodeo career ended with a dramatic collision with his fellow racer. The next rodeo in the Meeker Summer Rodeo Series starts today at 7 p.m. at the Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds. Tickets are $10 for adults. Bobby Gutierrez photo

Bull Riding 1st Kaiden Decker
Jr. Bulls 1st Logan Durham
Amateur Bulls 1st Riggen Myers
Breakaway 1st Lori Ann Klinglesmith
2nd Samantha Pearce
3rd Jewell Vreeman
#11 Header 1st Joe Wood
2nd Joe Wood
3rd Cody Edinger
#11 Heeler 1st Brett Watson
2nd TJ Toon
3rd Brett Watson
#8 Header 1st Drake Groom
2nd Cody Edinger
3rd Raelynn Toon
4th Kristin Egger
#8 Heeler 1st Josh Warren
2nd Zane Edinger
3rd TJ Toon
4th Cody Edinger
Barrels 1st Kelsey Tate
2nd Jewell Vreeman
3rd Lauren Urista
Jr. Barrels 1st Bella Walpole
2nd Cylee Dunsmore
3rd Deana Wood
Ribbon Roper 1st Cody Edinger
Ribbon Runner 1st Lavendar Castaldo