Meet the judges of the Jammin’ Jamb festival

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Nelva Karla Bicknell


Nelva Karla Bicknell was born and raised in Mexico City.  She’s wanted to be a chef since she was a little girl and has invented recipes since childhood for her family to try. 

The first in her family to earn a Bachelors Degree, Karla attended the College of Gastronomy in Mexico City and received a degree in Culinary Arts

After college, Karla worked at and managed several restaurants and opened her own catering business.

Karla then moved to the U.S. and worked in Richmond, VA, and then travelled to expand her knowledge and culinary techniques landing at Aspen Meadows Resort Hotel where she was kitchen supervisor and later Junior Sous Chef.

Marriage took her to Meeker where she is the Executive Chef at CNCC Rangely. Karla is currently working on a project to open a family business of healthy flours and baking mixes with gluten-free products, paleolithic diet, Ketogenica or a healthy lifestyle in Mexico City.


Arturo Rodriguez


No stranger to the Meeker Classic, Arturo Rodgriguez competed in the early Lamb Cook-offs when they were held at the trial site. Arturo volunteers regularly for the Meeker Classic providing breakfast for the work crews that manage the sheepdog competition.

Arturo started his culinary adventure at the young age of 18, during this time he has taken different trainings to perfect his techniques in the kitchen and to keep his customers happy.

In 2009, he arrived in Meeker, where he formed a beautiful family with his wife Tania and his boys Said and Gael. Arturo told us how privileged he feels to live in this place and to see his children grow up within this beautiful community.

While in Meeker, his work has grown day by day, he runs the Mexican House Restaurant and the Meeker Cafe and Hotel, he runs these businesses with passion and dedication.  Through his hard work, Arturo is committed to keeping these places working for 10 continuous years, Hoping it will be many more years to be able to serve this incredible community.

Anthony Theos


Anthony Theos is a fourth generation sheep rancher from Meeker, Colorado and has been ranching all his life except for the 4.5 years he took to get his Business Administration degree from Mesa State University in Grand Junction, Colorado.  His family operation (namely Theos Swallow Fork Ranch) raises Merino Sheep and supplies lamb to Whole Foods and Superior Farms.  Theos’ fine Merino wool stays mostly in the United States and is used primarily for U.S. Military uniforms. 

“I am very proud of what my family and I have accomplished in the sheep industry and look forward to continuing the traditions that have been in this area for close to a century now. My Greek heritage has definitely played into my tastes growing up and lamb was usually the centerpiece for most meals. My Yiaya (grandmother) was a great cook as well as my mother therefore we ate many meals whether it be at home or in the sheep-camp with lamb on the menu,” says Anthony. 

He carries on the sheep ranching tradition with his wife, Dani of 10 years, and two young sons, Thomas 8 and Ari 4.  The boys are 5th generation at the Theos ranch in Meeker and keep Anthony and Dani on their toes. They love growing up on the ranch and experiencing all it has to offer.