Member air service to begin flying in and out of Meeker airport

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MEEKER I ASCENT Private Air Club on Thursday announced that its innovative, Rocky Mountain-focused air travel membership service has expanded to now serve residents and visitors of Meeker.

By focusing exclusively on travel to, from and within the Rocky Mountain West, ASCENT allows members to fly on private aircraft for a fraction of the cost of other nationally focused private aviation services.
Because ASCENT partners with local operators and uses locally based planes and crew, members not only enjoy significant cost savings, but the peace of mind boarding airplanes they know and trust, and the pilots with the right localized training flying them.
“The need for safe, innovative and cost-effective air travel services to regional destinations like Meeker is growing as commercial airlines continue to reduce flights and increase prices; in fact, many iconic Western destinations have lost commercial air service entirely,” said Tom Filippini, the chief economic officer of ASCENT. “By having local pilots operate local planes, we can ensure the utmost safety and convenience while dramatically reducing the cost of private aviation versus our nationally focused competitors,” Filippini said.
Currently offering its members a wide range of planes from turboprops to light and mid-sized jets, the club can accommodate various group sizes on flights that can reach either coast non-stop,” he said. And, unique to ASCENT, members can arrange to “rideshare” with fellow members to further reduce cost.
Membership benefits include:
Safety. Aircraft are selected for their safety characteristics in mountain conditions and are operated by locally-based pilots who are experts at flying in the region.
Convenience. With a robust network of aircraft strategically positioned throughout the West, members can book flights on a whim, arrive to private terminals just minutes before takeoff and avoid security lines, baggage checking, layovers, and delays.
Access. ASCENT members can access more than 5,000 domestic airports while only approximately 400 are served by commercial carriers, which allows members to arrive much closer to their final destination.
A Local Touch. Local pilots and member flight ambassadors serve as the members’ “personal flight department,” providing highly personalized service from base airports.
Value. With its localized business model, ASCENT can offer unprecedented financial value by eliminating many of the expenses that hinder national programs (such as excessive plane repositioning, corporate overhead, nationwide marketing, etc.). Furthermore, members can arrange to “rideshare” with fellow members to distribute the cost of flights.
ASCENT’s carefully vetted, strategic operating partners will be in charge of all flight operations, including aircraft and flight crews.
“We are thrilled to be part of this vision to bring a safe, cost-effective and convenient private flight service to travelers in cities like Meeker and throughout the mountain region,” said Ben Walton, the founder and CEO of Summit Aviation, one of ASCENT’s strategic operating partners. “For 15 years, Summit has been successfully flying in and out of the most challenging airports in the mountain West. Safety is our primary company value and we’ve been told time and time again about the peace of mind this brings to the ASCENT members and their guests.”
ASCENT is a membership-based private flight company—structured much like a golf or country club—that dramatically reduces the cost of flying privately while offering unparalleled safety, convenience and service, Filippini said. Unlike typical jet programs, joining ASCENT does not require a significant up-front financial contribution or long-term commitment.
Individuals, couples, families or companies apply for membership. If accepted, they join the club by paying a one-time initiation fee and annual dues beginning in their second year of membership. There is no long-term commitment and members can elect to terminate their membership at any time.
“Call or visit our website to learn more about the limited number of Phase 1 memberships just released in Meeker, saving new members in excess of $10,000,” Filippini said.
The company website is or people can call 303-495-5928.