MES food drive Nov. 12-Dec. 7

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RBC I EDITOR’S NOTE: The Meeker Elementary School food drive is Nov. 12–Dec. 7. We are collecting nonperishable food items and personal hygiene products at the elementary school. The student council will be lining the halls of the elementary school with the items collected and then box everything up at the end to give to the food bank.
The students in Danielle Feola’s fifth grade class have been working on persuasive writing. Feola believes “they step up and write to a higher level when given the opportunity to write for authentic purposes and when given the chance to work towards published work. I thank the Herald Times for giving them this chance!” The students each wrote a letter, and then voted on the top ones to submit. They analyzed their peers’ writing, looking for persuasive strategies that were included which they have been learning about to decide which ones would be most effective.

Dear the Town of Meeker,
Hi, I am a fifth grade student from Meeker Elementary School and we are asking people to donate to the food drive to help the less fortunate get through the holidays. You should donate because many people don’t have some of the great things that many of us are fortunate enough to have. About 5 percent of the people in Meeker are unemployed and around 11 percent are living in poverty. Lots of these people rely on the food bank for help because they don’t have enough money for food. If we get more food collected, less people will go hungry this winter. The most important reason to donate is to help people get through the holidays. Some people won’t be able to afford to spend the holidays with their families and it would mean the world to them to at least be able to have a full belly during this time. Trust me, you should donate because it always feels good to do caring things for others. Please donate by brining non-perishable and personal hygiene products to MES Nov. 12 – Dec. 7. Our student council and Mrs. Tate will collect everything and help pack it up for the food bank. Parents can also send food with their kids to give.
Thank you and
Merry Christmas,
Ms. Feola’s student

Dear Town of Meeker,
Hi, my name is Kolbi from Ms. Feola’s fifth grade classroom and I want to tell you why you should help us by donating supplies to our annual food drive. Mrs. Tate (the PE/Health teacher at MES), Ms. Feola, the people running the food bank, and especially the people in need, would appreciate your donations. An alarming amount of people in Meeker live below the poverty level and are unemployed. Just imagine how these people feel during the holidays, like Christmas. They might be cold and hungry. Is that sad, or what? If you even brought one or two things such as non-perishable foods or personal hygiene products like shampoo and conditioner etc., you could make a huge difference. We want people to trust the food bank will always be there for them. The food drive is at MES from Nov. 12 through Dec. 7, so please drop off your donations now!
Thank you,
Kolbi Franklin

Dear Citizens of Meeker,
Hi everyone! My name is Matilda, and myself and many others would like to announce the food drive. The food drive is to help feed people who can’t afford enough food and to help them get through the holiday season. Many people in this town use the food bank to help feed their families. During the holidays, people are going hungry which is really sad. With your support, and a can or two of non-perishable food, you could help the people in hunger today. Or, help with giving personal hygiene products like soap, conditioner and shampoo. We fifth graders believe you should trust us with the food and other donations which we collect to give to the people who need it. Bring all these materials to MES Monday, Nov. 12 – Friday, Dec. 7. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you there!
Your community member,

Dear people of the Meeker Community,
I am a fifth grade student in Ms. Feola’s class and we are trying to collect food to give to the local food bank. There are people who need food for the holidays, or any other day. We need your support in this coming food drive to help them. If you have any extra food, can you please donate it to our food drive so that we can get it to the food bank? We need non-perishable food and hygiene products like soap and toothpaste. If you are willing to donate any kind of items, nobody will go hungry this season. With enough support from everybody in the community, each of us will make a difference. Please bring all donations to MES between Nov. 12 – Dec. 7.
Warmest thanks,