Miles for Smiles discontinued

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RBC I The Miles For Smiles program, part of Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND), was discontinued the first week of November. This news comes after 14 years of providing treatment to rural areas in Colorado with little access to dental care. A decrease in funding is the main cause the program shut its doors. More than 1,000 children will no longer be able to receive reduced dental care from the mobile clinic bus. A decrease in funding and an increase in the cost of running the Miles for Smiles bus due to repairs and maintenance caused the program to lose money rapidly. Julie Collett, executive director of KIND, said, “The Miles for Smiles program has been a cornerstone of KIND’s mission for over a decade, but we knew that if the program continued to lose money at this rapid rate, we would be unable to provide all of the other programs and services KIND offers to underserved children.”