Mosquito spraying is a ‘no-go’ this year for Meeker

mosquito isolated on white background.

MEEKER | Meeker’s Board of Trustees announced Tuesday there will be no mosquito spraying this year. Contractor Lanny Coulter has declined to spray and the Town has no one else to do it. There are currently no plans for other types of mitigation at this time. “We’re going into the summer as a big trial test period at this point,” Mayor Regas Halandras said. Resident Melinda Parker expressed her dismay, stating “I just think it’s a shame.”
As previously reported in the Herald Times, there is no scientific evidence spraying effectively curbs the mosquito population.
In other business, the board heard staff updates, approved liquor licenses, and listened to Marlo Coates of Colorado CPA regarding the Town’s 2017 financials. “All appears to be in order,” she said.


  1. Hi Phil,
    There was some concern about spraying being perceived as a cause for the river algae problems, and then when the town got back to the contractor, his time slots were all full, as far as I’ve been told.

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