Museum to honor White River Utes’ heritage on Sunday

RBC I Do you know your grandparents’ stories? Do you know why they treasured certain pieces of furniture or have you learned the experience behind certain photographs?

Do you know what was located 50 or 100 years ago on the piece of land where you live today? Cultural heritage is about finding ways to tell those stories, to preserve the knowledge and treasures from the past so that they aren’t lost forever.
For those of us who live here in the White River Valley, the challenge to preserve our stories begins with our White River Ute heritage. Often, we’ve shared pioneer stories and relived our ancestors’ accounts of coming to this beautiful valley. But, the privilege of getting to know the people who lived here before the drive to settle the West began is an opportunity we don’t want to miss!
The Rio Blanco County Historical Society, 517 Park Ave. in downtown Meeker, has invited Adelbert Tavashuts, a White River Ute who lives in Fort Duchesne, Utah, to the quarterly meeting this Sunday at 1 p.m.
After a shared luncheon and brief business meeting, the group plans to informally discuss how we can collaborate on our shared story and learn more about the culture of our Ute friends.
The RBCHS Board is providing a ham dinner with hot side dishes. Members and guests are welcome to bring salads and desserts.