Last weekend the Meeker Mustangs traveled to Parachute. The younger team took the field first and made quick work of their opponent. Precision offense and great defensive field awareness continue to define this undefeated bunch of talented young men. The older boys did not fare as well against another big and fast team. This second tough loss finds them with a 2-2 record for the season so far. Next week’s games will have the Mustangs traveling to Basalt. Players would like to extend a big “thank you” to their parents for supporting their participation in Mustangs football and promise good grades and well-done chores for the rest of the school year. Snowden Williams demonstrates good tackling with team mates pursuing to help out!


3rd/4th team
(Bottom row) Hoyt Garcia (80), Dexter Chinn (4), Bradley Conrado (12), Cole Nay (15), Nicholas Gates (2), Logan Selby (10), Col Williams (81). (Second row) Snowdon Williams (28), Said Rodriguez (20), Trent Sanders (30), Evan Dunn (92), Gavin Allen (8), Carlos Carrillo (7), Wesley Thompson (44), Orion Musser (50), Tucker Chinn (5). (Back row) Coaches Sanders, Williams, and Chinn.


5th/6th team
(Bottom row) Christyan Murray (32), Mason Allen (78), Clay Randall (10), Dillon Pretti (30), Zeek Gianinetti (7), Landin Lopez (5), Dillon Hobbs (12), Bow Muxlow (44), Bryce Barton (50). (Second row) Montey Franklin (34), Skylar Browning (22), Dublin Price (52), Tristin Rollins (80), Connor Rose (20), Josh Smith (49), Finley Deming (2), Holton Harvey (28), Ruger Bane (4). (Third row) Cade Blunt (15), Edwin Villalpando (74), Garrett Merz (60), Alan Rivera (54), Nathan Smith (68), Wyatt Rollins (64), Tyler Sanders (8), Sam Conrado (81), Travis Reneau (92), not pictured Domonic Wyatt. (Back row) Coaches Lockwood, Deming and Crawford.