New Meeker visits old Meeker

MEEKER I Youngest of five siblings, visited the town that inspired his name this summer. The Masters family hails from Lincoln, Nebraska. When Kim Masters was pregnant with her youngest in August 2019, the family traveled to Colorado for a family wedding at Trappers Lake. Kim, who is originally from Houston, Texas, said she fell in love with the Trappers Lake area and the Flat Tops. 

The family was also contemplating a name for their newest baby, and “wanted an ‘M’ name” to go with their oldest child (the three in the middle all start with “R”). She was inspired by the name Meeker on her sister-in-law’s wedding invitation. The Biblical definition includes positive character traits like patience, humility and gentleness. Meeker, the family decided, was a good name. 

Meeker Masters was born Oct. 10, 2019. He’ll turn two this fall. 

In July 2021, young Meeker and his family came back to town for a visit. It was the first time Kim had really explored the town itself. They visited Meeker Drugs for treats, and Meeker was thrilled with the climbing rocks on the courthouse lawn. 

Special to the Herald Times