New soil booklet for homeowners

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RBC — The Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) announced the release of a new booklet, “A Guide to Swelling Soil for Colorado Homebuyers and Homeowners, Second Edition,” that is now available to the public.
This colorful, easily understandable booklet describes swelling soil, a geologic hazard that has damaged thousands of homes in Colorado. The publication offers steps that Colorado homeowners can take to help protect themselves against this costly hazard.
Homebuyers can learn how homes can be designed and built to withstand swelling soil movements, how to recognize swelling soil damage and how to landscape a property to manage water use and reduce soil movements and damage.
This information is useful for anyone who is considering buying a house or who owns a house built on swelling soil. Homebuilders and realtors often distribute the booklet to their clients.
More than 280,000 copies of the award-winning first edition have been used by Colorado homebuyers and homeowners. The new second edition was updated and revised based on extensive interviews with homeowners, homebuilders and civil and structural engineers. The old, two-tone drawings and photos have been replaced by brilliantly colored illustrations to aid the reader.
Copies of this publication are available for $7 at the CGS office in Denver. Telephone, online or mail orders require an additional $3.50 (minimum) for shipping and handling. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Send orders to the Publication Section, Colorado Geological Survey, 1313 Sherman St., Room 715, Denver, Colo., 80203, call (303) 866-4762, fax (303) 866-2461, or order online at