New spa service to be unveiled Friday at Prescriptions Salon

MEEKER | The award-winning healing potential of whole-body red light therapy is now available to the Meeker community at Prescriptions Salon & Spa. Look and feel your best with medical-grade chronic pain relief and a full menu of spa services.

“After my personal experience/success using red light therapy to heal back pain, I knew I needed to bring this healing technology to the Meeker community,” said Jan Nye, owner and head stylist at Prescriptions Salon & Spa. “I’m excited to introduce this innovative wellness solution and potentially improve the quality of life for the hardworking people here.”

Researched by NASA, red light therapy has been vetted for healing by more than 3,000 studies published by the National Institute of Health. The traditional benefits of hand-held red light therapy are enhanced with Prism Light Pod’s medical-grade red light beds. Prism Light Pod is recognized as the “Most Powerful Full-Body Red Light Therapy System” because it is the leading red light bed to accelerate recovery eight to 10 times faster throughout the entire body.

By administering 14,000 red and near-infrared light in close proximity to the body, light waves are absorbed deeply into each body cell which increases cellular energy called ATP. Regeneration of ATP influences the many benefits of red light therapy such as increasing collagen production, reducing oxidative stress, reducing the amount of free radicals in the bloodstream and inflammation relief.

Prescriptions Salon & Spa clients can target each session to their needs by choosing from six pre-programmed optimized therapy settings to: reduce chronic pain and disorders, improve wound and injury healing, accelerate performance and sports recovery, relieve arthritis and joint pain, promote anti-aging and skin conditioning, speed weight-loss.

“When used consistently, red light therapy can support a healthier and pain-free life,” said Karl Chen, founder and CEO of Prism Light Pod. “I’m delighted that Prescriptions Salon & Spa has chosen Prism Light Pod to enhance their clients’ health and wellbeing.”

PRESS RELEASE | Special to the Herald Times

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