Obituary: Alberta Winell (Winnie) Roberts Boise

Winell Boise
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Winell Boise
Winell Boise
Alberta Winell (Winnie) Roberts Boise of Meeker died Monday, Oct. 4, 2015, in Meeker. She was a mother, sister and grandmother.

She was born in Welles Point, Texas, on Aug. 28, 1920, to Thomas and Ruth Roberts. The family moved to Colorado in 1923, and Elk Creek is where they had a quarter section of land.
Her father, Thomas Roberts, worked for the U.S. Forest Service; her mother, Ruth Roberts, took care of Winell and did all the ranch chores.
They traded the Elk Creek ranch for a whole section on L-07, where they ranched cattle and raised hay.
In 1936, Winell married Arthur Boise and they moved to Montana, where he worked in a mine. In 1939, Joyce Boise was born in Cripple Creek, where they had moved shortly before she was born.
The Boises returned to L-07 Ranch in 1942, going back to ranching and dairy cattle. Arthur worked for the county. This was their choice to settle into for good.
Arthur passed away in 1976, and Winell stayed on the ranch until 1986. She then moved to Grand Junction, where she enjoyed her gardening and playing cards with friends and family.
In 2010, declining health caused Winell to move back to Meeker to be closer to the family.
Winell lived a long and wonderful life, and we all love her and will miss her.
She is survived by: sisters Inez Downing, Luella Bagley and Zelma; a daughter, Joyce E. Hicks; a granddaughter, Sandra K (Michael); great-grandson Thomas Woodall; great-granddaughter Nichole Woodall; and great-great-grandson Jonathan Woodall.
Winell will be remembered by all who knew her to be a religious pillar to the family and a Sunday school teacher in Meeker.