Obituary: Angelo Theos

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Angelo Theos
Angelo Theos
On June 4, 2013, Angelo Thomas Theos left the quiet little town of Meeker, Colo., to be with God. Angelo was born in Craig, Colo., on Jan. 14, 2006, to Molly Turner Theos and Thomas “Willie” Theos. They brought Angelo home to an excited big brother, Sheridan.
From the very beginning, Angelo was active and outgoing in all he did. The love and care he received from his family, particularly his parents, created the genuine boy that everyone loved.
Angelo enjoyed all of life’s adventures. Among his favorites were camping, dirt biking, boating, going to the sheep, shooting squirrels, jumping off cliffs, science experiments such as launching hand-built rockets and blowing things up.
Having two teachers as parents, Angelo was afforded the luxury of explanation to satisfy his ever-curious mind. He was determined to learn the whys, whats and hows of this world, leaving few questions unasked. Angelo’s creativity had no obstacles; his parents gave him the time and attention that was necessary to explore.
Angelo never spent a day without family in his life; he had the gift of showing affection like only Angelo could. For him there was never enough time spent watching “Bonanza,” eating his yogurt with Yiaya, teasing back and forth with his Papou, building Legos with Gammie, shooting carp with a bow and arrow alongside Papa, or just playing hard with his cousins. He made every moment special.
Angelo never missed an opportunity for a practical joke — whether it be the famous electric handshake or the fake poop that would get the dog in trouble every time. His keen ability to barter frequently gave him the upper hand in toys and finances.
Although the gift of life was cut too short, Angelo lived with kindness, integrity and, above all else, honesty. His kind nature was apparent to his teacher when he received a caring award at school. The promise bond and love he and his dad shared and the devoted love between him and his mom can never be broken or forgotten. His amazing ability to give love freely and genuinely was witnessed by all who met him.
Angelo is survived by his parents, Thomas “Willy” Theos and Molly Turner Theos; his grandparents, Bill “Papa” and Ann “Gammie” Turner; Angelo “Papou” and Karin “Yiaya” Theos; and his brother, Sheridan Harvey. He is also survived by several aunts and uncles: Kai Turner, Keenan Turner, Coley (Kellie) Turner, Hallie (Kurt) Blunt, Katrina (Shawn) Springer, Anthony (Dani) Theos and numerous cousins, friends and families.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Angelo Theos Fund at The First National Bank of the Rockies.