Obituary: Barbara June Helwick

Barbara June Helwick, 92, passed away peacefully in her sleep with family near on Nov. 7, 2021. She was married to Kenneth Wade Keeble for 24 years having daughters Karen Kreul and Sheryl Bell. Grandchildren Isaac, Luna and Asher Kreul and two grandsons of Sheryl Bell. Barbara and Kenneth lived in Colorado and Wyoming and always loved Meeker. 

Barbara married Curtis Helwick in 1987 and they were blessed with a beautiful marriage traveling all over the United States doing genealogy together, belonging to many clubs and traveling all over Europe. They were married in Hawaii. Barbara was a member of DAR, Eastern  Star, MRS in Upton, and many others. 

She lived all over Colorado and Wyoming, but mostly in Casper, Wyoming. 

Barbara continued to subscribe to the Meeker Herald, even in her much later years, to keep up with relations.  

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