Obituary: Brandan Justin Kracht

Brandan Kracht
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Brandan Kracht
Brandan Kracht
Brandan Justin Kracht was an amazing son, brother, father and friend. He was an extremely caring and loving person.He had a laugh and always a smile on his face that was very contagious. He was always there to help anyone in need without a second thought.

Brandan was born in Meeker, Colo., on Sept. 25, 1987, and died in in Muscotouh, Ill., on May 15, 2015.
Brandan was very close and loved by his family, but was especially connected to his two brothers, Steven and Ayron. With their outdoorsman father as a leader, the four taught each other everything they know and are the men they are today because of how close they have always been.
Most of Brandan’s life was spent fishing the river (which every time he did he always caught at least one.) He loved the outdoors, camping, hiking and enjoying life in the mountains with his brothers and friends.
Brandan loved the comfort of a good fire. He would build and sit by his fires anytime of the day no matter where he was. He was also an amazing father; he loved his children, Kyran and Kiesha, with all his heart. He loved to be around them to teach them and watch them grow as often as he could. Brandan will be missed by everyone who knew and loved him.
Brandan was: A fisherman, he almost always sported bait in his pockets; a lover of Mother Nature; an adventurous man; a talented/creative man; an intellect and deep thinker, articulate with his words; not a grudge holder; a green belt in Tae Kwon Do; ambitious and hard working; a worker of wood; a man with no fears; someone who always said exactly what he felt; a man who cherished his family and friends with all his heart and soul; always pleasant and smiling; an animal lover; a follower and believer in God and the Ten Commandments, which he called “God’s Laws.” He was a baptized man by Christian faith in the White River of Meeker and a man who prayed at every meal and had a relationship with God.
Brandan was a worldly man who fished all the way from the Mississippi River to the Oregon Coast. His favorite waters to fish remain the waters nearest to his home of Meeker—the beautiful White River, the Colorado River. Rio Blanco and Avery lakes and Harvey Gap. The fish await you in heaven, Brandan.
He is survived by: his father, William F. Kracht III; his stepmother, Haley Kracht; his mother, Jackie Ferguson; his children, Kyran and Kiesha Kracht; his brothers, Steven Kracht (Denielle); Ayron Kracht (Melody); paternal grandfather William F. Kracht Jr.; and his maternal grandparents, Jack and Doris Riley of Illinois.
He was preceded in death by paternal grandmother Ruth Kracht; paternal great-grandparents William Kracht Sr. and Iva Kracht; and paternal great uncle Bobby Kracht and great aunt Deloris Kracht.