Obituary: Melba Clara (Moore) Dennemeyer

Melba Clare (Moore) Dennemeyer

Melba Clare (Moore) Dennemeyer
Melba Clare (Moore) Dennemeyer
Melba Clara (Moore) Dennemeyer passed away on April 11, 2016. She was born Jan. 17, 1925, at the Moore Ranch in Strawberry Creek to Reid and Lena Moore.

She went to White Rock School, then moved to Craig, Colo., to the Wyman’s household to go to high school, to be a housekeeper and to take care of their son, Lou Wyman.
After being graduated from high school, Melba moved briefly to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles, where she went to Los Angeles County Medical Nursing School, which is the the University of Southern California Medical Center.
She then met her lifelong husband, Rene Dennnemeyer, at a dance. He preceded her in death in 1985.
They lived in Reseda, Buena Park, Redlands, San Bernardino, Poway and, finally, Escondido, all in California.
Melba had three sons: David, Dale and Keith.
She passed away at home peacefully with family members present.
She is survived by: sons David, Dale and Keith Dennemeyer; sister Barbra Crawford; cousins James and Donna Crawford, Patsy (Crawford) Schwartz and John Wilson; grandchildren Tommor Dennemeyer, Ruby Sousza and Alayha Aquarian; and great grandchildren Sophia Souza and Trevin Dennemeyer.

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  1. My mother was especially close to her two sisters: Pansy Wilson (Moore) and Barbara Crawford (Moore), she had a strong heart and mind whom credo was live and let live. She also had a strong work ethic and worked as an R. N. until retirement. She loved corresponding to all her family, friends and neighbors on their birthdays an at Christmas time …she died peacefully with family members present at home in Escondido CA. She will be missed greatly . . .

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