Obituary: Richard James Watt

Richard James Watt

Richard James Watt
Richard James Watt
Dick was born July 14, 1950, to Thomas and Elizabeth Watt of Meeker, Colo. He died Oct. 29, 2014, at his home in Collbran, Colo.

His life was full of adventures and great stories, all created with memories shared by his family and friends. He loved to have fun and to enrich the lives of his loved ones, always giving others a reason to smile.
Dick is survived by: his loving fiancé, Mercie Lumacad; his two lovely daughters, Becky Center and Bobbi Jo White; his two sons, T. Vance and Jake Watt; his ex-wife and longtime friend, Renee (Edwards) Watt; his brothers, Tom and Harry; and his sisters, Anne Gentry and Sally Smith.
Dick was a genuine cowboy, working the ranch he purchased from his father in 1981, camping, riding horses, herding cattle and working the land he owned through the end of his life.
Dick was a state champion wrestler in 1968.
He owned and operated the Meeker Co-Op, Twin Peaks Fertilizer and raised peaches in Palisade. He also enjoyed his summer haying operation around the local area.
Dick was a risk taker, always pushing things to the edge—then just a little further to see just how far he could go.
Thankfully, Dick was also a very lucky man, as he is remembered by those who love him. He was always searching for new, exciting ways to do things, and he lived life to the fullest in every moment.
At the age of 64, Dick breathed his last breath, succumbing to the esophageal cancer he had been diagnosed with only three months prior. He was surrounded by his daughters, sons and his fiancé at his home in Collbran, Colo.