Obituary: Thomas Dirk Murray

Oct. 18, 1956 ~ April 16, 2022

Thomas Dirk Murray was born on Oct. 18, 1956, to Judy (Harris) Murray and Keith Murray in East Ely, Nevada. He passed away at the age of 65 on Saturday, April 16, 2022, in Grand Junction, Colorado, while surrounded by loved ones. Most people knew him as just ‘Dirk,’ but some knew him by the pseudonym ‘Slow.’

Dirk grew up in Meeker alongside his two siblings, where he developed his love of the outdoors and his favorite tie-dye shirts! He ultimately spent most of his life here, where he raised his two children. Despite many travels and adventures, he would always find his way back home.

Dirk joined the Navy in 1975, serving two years in Scotland and two years in Norfolk. He was a man of all trades, having worked as a computer operator, quarryman and truck driver, just to mention a few. He loved to tinker with anything he could get his hands on, such as cars, bikes, and computers; he also enjoyed making jewelry, horseback riding, working on cars, cooking, baking, gardening and listening to music. He loved animals of all sorts, he frequented bluegrass festivals, inviting his loved wones whenever he had the change, and he loved sharing his experiences with others. Those were the times where he was happiest and projected his warm personality.

Some might describe Dirk as very gruff in the wya he looked and carried himself, however, he was someone with a very big heart with almost too much love to give. He was the type of person to give a complete stranger in need the shirt off his back, no questions asked. And while it was often hard for him to admit his affection out loud, he showed others love by throwing something together for them in the kitchen or by giving thoughtful gifts.

He is survived by his children, Sara and Alex Murray (25, 21), and his brother and sister Jonny (64) and CJ (55). There will be a celebration of life held this summer both in Meeker and via Zoom for anyone who’d like to attend. Contact the family for details at

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