Peacocks remain proud of their hometown

Harry and Lillian Peacock
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Harry and Lillian Peacock
RANGELY I “When we talk about home, we talk about Rangely,” Harry Peacock says about the town where he lived for nearly 50 years. Harry and his wife Lillian now reside in Grand Junction, Colo., but owned and operated businesses and raised their family in Rangely.
Harry moved to Rangely in 1950. He came to town — like so many others at the time — seeking work in a place where there was plenty of it, especially for those willing to work hard. He was about 25 when he came to town and started working for R and R Well Service. He worked there for about 10 years before working for Colorado Well Service and then selling everything he had and moving to Florida to farm.
He had built a new home and was settling in when a man named Hershel Moore called him and wanted him to run a well and business for him in Rangely. Harry said, “I loaded the family up and headed west.” As it turned out Hershel would move his business to Wyoming after a short time and Harry decided to go into business for himself. He started Peacock Well Service which he had for about 12 years before selling it to Bob Cott. He then started Peacock Oil Company which was a drilling and producing company along with Little Rocky Construction which he had for about nine years before liquidating back into one company. He also had Peacocks which was a general store. He sold snowmobiles, boats, and motorcycles as well as having his general store and his wife Lillian had Peacock Alley, a floral and gift shop in town. To say they were busy entrepreneurs was an understatement but they were willing to work and clearly had a keen business sense. They were great business people for the community and their involvement didn’t stop there. Amazingly, Harry found time to serve on several boards. He was a county commissioner for four years, served on the college board, which was an advisory board to Mesa College at the time. He also was a member of the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, as well as a member of the Colorado River District Board and he originally incorporated the Bank of Rangely. He was a man “up” on the activities of the community and an advocate for the town of Rangely. Harry was known for his sense of humor and friendliness around the community.
Harry and Lillian Peacock, pictured in the 1960s with their children Jeffrey, Denise Henning and Sandy Wilson.
He met his wife Lillian while working in Roosevelt, Utah, where she lived. The two were married in 1953 and Harry said, “That is a hell of a long time to be married to the same woman.” He added with sincerity, “I wouldn’t trade the world for her.” The two have three children they are very proud of. Their son Jeffrey and his wife Linda still reside in Rangely. Their daughter Denise (Henning) and her husband Tim live in Grand Junction, and their daughter Sandy (Wilson) and her husband Kevin reside in St. George, Utah. Harry and Lillian have eight grandchildren, some of whom were great athletes for Rangely High School in their time as well as son-in-law Kevin who coached basketball for the college for a time. The Peacocks also have four great-grandchildren and another due tomorrow.
When asked what has changed the most about Rangely in the past 60 years Harry said, “Oh Lord, I don’t know.” He said, “They have a traffic light now,” but added that not a lot has really changed and that is what makes Rangely good, simply saying, “It is a hell of a good place.”
He believes in the value of the people of Rangely, saying, “They are the greatest people in the world.” The town holds great memories for Harry and his family and he appreciates the value of the small town for raising a family. He obviously is a man of satisfaction in the simple things in life that make it worth all the hard work. Harry worked hard to provide a good life for his family and seems so at ease with all he has done in his life. He and his wife were not only successful business owners but also very productive as involved members of their community. Harry was able to maintain three businesses, while representing his town so well in a larger capacity. He held the respect of the citizens in elected positions and maintained integrity through it all.
After nearly 60 years of marriage, it seems tenacity and the strength of a solid foundation has been the source of his success. Even though they have not lived in Rangely for about 15 years, it is clear the positive impact he has had on the town of Rangely. It is obvious that the town remains a quality place to live and raise a family in part because of the work of the Peacocks.