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MEEKER I Head coach Carl Padilla once again ran a successful Meeker Cowboy Peewee wrestling season. There were 71 Meeker wrestlers entered in last weekend’s tournament in a field of almost 200 kids from all over Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. 

“It was a short but great season,” commented Padilla. “I am very proud of these kids for wanting to come into the wrestling room and get better. We wrestled well! I want to thank the community for coming out and supporting these wrestlers, thank the volunteers for running an excellent tournament and a special thank you to the high school wrestlers that did a great job refereeing.” 

Some kids double bracketed so their names are listed more than once.

6 and under (6U)

1st place: Luke Muxlow

2nd place: Brayden White, Cort Crawford, Sasha Miller, Fletcher Chinn, Emerson Deming, Weston Goode, Camillo Rizzo

3rd place: Levi Jaquez, Karstin Rollins, Jameson Mlakar, Boomer Sjoerdsma, Lee Kirkpatrick, Ari Theos, Madelin Miller

4th place: Ezra Crawford, Connor Moody, Olympia-Ann Webb, Hudson Hummel, Oakley Deming

5th place: Sawyer Hummel


1st place: Carson Blunt, Gael Rodriguez 

2nd place: Tyler Follman

3rd place: Ray’son Hume, Miles Etchart, Noah Hanberg, Lucas Simpson, Isaiah Gianinetti, 

4th place: Daxten Koenig, Toren Gates, Weston Bayles, Wyatt Goode

5th Place: Samuel Jaquez, Brantely White, Peyton Muxlow, Milo Jaxson McPherson, Milo Brennan, Liam Heely, Westin Martindale


1st place: Kael Overton

2nd place: Dylan Rundberg, Toren Gates, Dillon Koenig, Jordan Simpson, Tilden Gates, Bryant Turner, Cooper Maupin, Miles Franklin, Samuel Merz, Miles Franklin

3rd place: Jackson Steele, Joshua Simmons

4th place: Davin Rust, Milo Jaxson McPherson, Lucas Simpson, Lyam Richardson, Tyler Follman

5th place: Dylan Rundberg, Ollie Thomson, Liam Thomson, Thomas Theos

n 12U

1st place: Cody Richardson, Tucker Chinn, Said Rodriguez

2nd place: Henry Creecy, Orion Musser

3rd place: Jordan Simpson, Ryan Hanberg, Kael Overton

4th place: Axle Koenig, Elijah Rundberg

5th place: Tanner Shults

By Tiffany Jehorek | Special to the Herald Times

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