Perlmutter withdraws from governor’s race

RBC | Ed Perlmutter released the following statement
regarding the gubernatorial campaign:
“Over the last couple weeks, I’ve realized the
demands of running for governor and of serving in
Congress were going to take more from me than I can
“The democratic primary field is crowded, and
whether I am in the race or not, primary voters will have
a choice among a number of qualified candidates and I
wish them all the best of luck. I do not plan to be a candidate
for office in 2018. For the next 18 months my focus
will continue to be on serving the people of the 7th
Congressional District, whom I can’t thank enough for
their support and trust in me over the years. I know this
decision is disappointing to many of you, it is for me too.
But I know it is the best course forward.
“As I’ve said many times, ‘Tis a privilege to live in
Colorado’ and I truly believe that.”