Phase 2 of trails completed between Ute, Sanderson parks

The Bureau of Land Management announced Monday that Phase 2 of the Jensen-Ute Park connection trail north of Meeker is complete.
The 4.5-mile trail across China Wall, overlooking Meeker, provides unique views while connecting Philip and Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park with Ute Park, west of the town. The Town of Meeker along with ERBM Recreation and Park District partnered with the BLM to construct the trail, which also provides access to other trails
“The trail provides outstanding views of the White River Valley while offering a rewarding experience for a variety of interests, abilities and experience levels,” said BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner Aaron Grimes. “We want people to enjoy the trail experience while also respecting the environment and others using the trail.”
Please remember the following rules when you visit:
n The trailhead parks (Ute Park, Jensen Park and Sanderson Hills Park) are only open to bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the trails; therefore, the trail system has also been designed for bicycle and pedestrian use only.
n The Hill Street trailhead in Ute Park will have a parking area constructed by the beginning of September. Until this parking area is open, trail users are asked to walk to this trailhead and not park along Hill Street, to reduce impacts to residents on this street
n Please close all gates. Ute Park has livestock grazing in the spring and fall months.
n Parking is not allowed near the Seventh Street trailhead. Please park at the corner of Seventh Street and Cedar Street.
n Dogs must be leashed or under verbal control at all times.
n Yield the right of way to those passing or traveling uphill. Yielding means slow down, establish communication and prepare to stop if necessary and pass safely.
n Downhill mountain bikers should control their speed so as to not infringe on the safety or the experience of those traveling slowly uphill.
n Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage. Avoid using saturated trails to reduce trail maintenance and extend the life of the trails.
The BLM is now accepting name suggestions for the trail with a deadline of Sept. 8. Those wishing to suggest trail names can submit them to the BLM at the White River Field Office or at their booth at the Meeker Classic Sheep Dog Trials.
The Meeker Recreation Center will also accept name suggestions. The public can vote on the top names from Sept. 9-21 at the BLM White River Field Office or at the Meeker Recreation Center.
The new trail name will be revealed at a grand opening
celebration at Sanderson Hills
Park, scheduled to begin at noon on Sept. 21.