Piceance Energy Action Council expands coverage

RBC | In an effort to expand their mission and further educate the people of Colorado on responsible oil and gas development, the Piceance Energy Action Council (PEAC) is growing and changing its name. PEAC is now CREAC: the Colorado Rural Energy Action Committee. “We understand that oil and gas development is state-wide and we need to expand our mission to educate people throughout Colorado about the industry, its impact, and decades long safety record,” says Keira Bresnahan, Western Colorado director for CREAC.
The Piceance Energy Action Council was started in the fall of 2015 with a mission to educate the community of Western Colorado using facts and science, on the importance of responsible energy development and its benefit on generations to come.
“We will remain steadfast in our mission. Our steering committee made up of nearly two dozen people representing a vast arena of businesses is dedicated to serving the mission. We realize if we can each share facts with our neighbors and the people we come in contact with on a daily basis that we can make a difference,” adds Bresnahan.
With the expansion to CREAC, Josh Sonnenberg will be leading the efforts on the eastern side of the state and Keira Bresnahan will continue in her role in Western Colorado. Sonnenberg lives in Sterling and is a Colorado native. “I’m excited to be part of this combined state effort. The oil and gas industry is a huge part of our state’s economic picture and plays a vital role in our nation’s independence. Understanding the industry is paramount as a citizen of Colorado,” says Sonnenberg, Eastern Colorado Director for CREAC.
“We just want people to have the facts. There’s so much fictional noise about fracking and the industry as a whole. Beyond providing a vital energy source that we use every second of every day, this industry and its people provide funding for our children’s schools, public parks, community centers, and so much more. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the oil and gas industry,” adds Bresnahan.
For more information about CREAC, please contact Keira Bresnahan at 970-250-9052.