Letter to the Editor: Please be patient and trust the process

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Dear Editor:
This is a request to all of my amazing customers and community:
Meeker Drugs will be changing hours and processes just for the next 8 weeks. My staff will do their very best to maintain customer satisfaction and continue to provide the level of service you deserve however, I need to ask you for patience and kindness.
I need to be transparent and keep the rumor mill at bay. I have a medical issue that needs to be addressed immediately. I have to have open heart surgery to remove a tumor that has taken up residence in my left atrium, a Myxoma. I will need to have 6-8 weeks recovery.
I truly believe the “accidental” discovery was a gift of time to plan and prepare so that my being out of commission would not affect my friends, family and devoted customers. When in all truth it was a gift of immediate action so that I do not suffer a much more debilitating, life threatening situation.
In our small town staffing is an issue, you all know, I not only own but am the key employee and Jans right hand man at Meeker Drugs. You also know I have an incredible staff that are well trained and are willing to step up to the plate to be for a few weeks.
I hope you understand and accept my apology for any inconveniences. But together we can make this work for all of us for the next 8 weeks.

Diana Jones
Meeker Drug


  1. Love and prayers for you my friend, Diana Jones! May our heavenly Father guide the hands of the surgeons tomorrow and may we all be just a bit more grateful that we even have such an awesome pharmacy in our little town.

  2. Prayers and Hugs and Love beautiful Diana Jones. I’m blessed to have met you a brief time ago. I will be following your progress and healing closely. I am a text or phone call away. 💕💜

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