Plowing snow from private drives onto county roads creates a traffic hazard; culprits could be summonsed

Special to the Herald Times
RBC | Winter is here again, with all the problems snow and ice bring with it. The Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department’s priority in the winter is to keep county roads as safe as possible for travelers.
When it snows, county crews start at 3 a.m. on Piceance Creek Road and 4 a.m. on all other paved roads. The department’s number one priority is to make school bus routes as safe as possible for the morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off.
Folks living in the rural areas of the county usually plow their private drives after the snowplows have passed.
As a reminder, it’s very hazardous to plow the snow from driveways across county roads. Ridges can be created which can cause serious accidents when vehicles hit them. These ridges must be completely eliminated by the landowner or risk being issued a summons by law enforcement.
Safe travel for all is the department’s primary goal. Residents are encouraged to report any road conditions that need attention. Call 970-878-9590 or after hours call the Sheriff’s Office at 970-878-9600.