PMC employees take part in annual fitness challenge

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MEEKER — For the past two years, as part of its employee wellness program, Pioneers Medical Center has kicked off a fitness challenge during Hospital Week the first part of May for its employees.
This year the challenge went from May 16 — Oct. 3 and PMC challenged employees to help meet the facility goal of walking/running 10,000 miles, cycling 10,000 miles and swimming 500 hours.
Individually, employees were challenged to walk/run 150 miles and/or cycle 500 miles and/or swim 30 hours.
PMC also had a team challenge. While it didn’t quite make our facility goal, we are very pleased with the participation and would like to recognize the accomplishments of our employees.
Triathlon Fitness Challenge stats are shown below:
The facility goal this year was 5/10/10: Swim 500 hours, walk 10,000 miles and cycle 10,000 miles.
PMC had 34 participants — about 25 percent of our total workforce–who participated. As a facility, group members:
n Walked: 4,949.64 miles
n Cycled: 1,502.11 miles
n Swam: 51.33 Hours
Participants, who receive a T-shirt with “Triathlon Fitness Challenge 2008” silk-screened on it are (in alphabetical order): April Allen, Patty Bean, Cassie Boudreaux, Curtis Cooper, Noel Douglas, Kimberly Dungan, Anita Erickson, Kristen Eskelson, Stephanie Frenette, Margie Joy, John Kapushion, Irene Kilbane, Dr. Albert Krueger, Rhawnie McGruder, Cindy McLaughlin, Heidi Olson, Lisa Piper, Tiffany Piper, Cindy Rholl, Dani Rholl, Anne Marie Scritchfield, Jacque Sherman, Tara Story, Aubrey Taussig and David Usher.
We had nine people who reached the goal of 150 miles or more walking/running and will receive an embroidered fleece jacket, their participant T-shirt and a certificate. Several of these people also racked up the miles and/or hours swimming.
Following are individual totals for swimming, cycling and walking or running:
Joy Thayer — 0, 35, 159. Sherri McCord — .33, 5, 164.8.
Bob Omer — 1, 12, 186. Sharon Sullivan — 0, 334, 320.
Drew Varland — 13, 51, 340. Deb Tenbrink — 0, 0, 380.3.
Peg Wood — 0, 0, 430.89. Twyla Jensen — 0, 422.25, 476.75.
Dr. Victor Mihal — 0, 0, 839.01.
PMC had three teams who competed in the team competition. Teams were awarded one point for each mile walked, ran and cycled and each hour swimming by each member. The three teams are:
n The California Dreamers: Jacque Sherman, Cassie Boudreaux and Anita Erickson, who finished the season with 365.25 points.
n The Go-Go Girls: April Allen, Tara Story and Aubrey Taussig, who finished the season with 516.5 points.
n The winning team is the E-Team: Bob Omer, Twyla Jensen, Drew Varland and David Usher, who finished the season with 1,561 points.
Teams were awarded gift certificates in varying amounts.