PMC offers stroke program

MEEKER I Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the nation, and the number three killer. It is estimated that 750,000 people in the U.S. experience a stroke each year.
Pioneers Medical Center is excited to introduce R.A.N.D.I. (Remote Access Neurological Diagnostic Instrument). R.A.N.D.I. is the latest addition to the PMC staff and the use of technology to meet our community’s healthcare needs. R.A.N.D.I. is a computer system that allows PMC to have 24/7 access to world renounced neurologists to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of stroke victims.
PMC’s mission is to meet the healthcare needs of the residents of Eastern Rio Blanco County. PMC is ever mindful of the costs associated with healthcare and constantly evaluates what services are needed, and maybe feasible to implement at PMC. In 2011, PMC had 18 stroke victims; four of them were treated at PMC, 14 were transferred. On further evaluation, 11 of the 14 patients could have been treated at PMC if a consultation with a neurologist had been available. Having the initial consultation could have given the patients great care with a world-class medical facility, while minimizing their healthcare costs.
“We are very excited to bring telemedicine technology to our patients,” says Drew Varland, chief nursing officer. “We are marrying personalized care and technology to give our patients the best and most responsive outcome.”
“The telemedicine program is made possible through a grant from the Rio Blanco commissioners and the County Discretionary Grant Fund. We appreciate the commissioners’ support,” said Ken Harman, chief executive officer.
The Collaborative Digital Online Consultant (CO-DOC) Telemedicine Program is an innovative system that uses technology to bring the best of stroke and neurology care to Pioneers Medical Center. The CO-DOC program is a collaborative program with HealthONE Telemedicine Network, HealthONE Stroke Care, and Swedish Medical Center. The technology allows for a neurologist at Swedish Medical Center to be joined remotely to Pioneers Medical Center. By utilizing the CO-DOC technology, PMC will be instantly connected to stroke-trained neurologists. The system allows stroke victims to be examined and diagnosed, while the patient is still at PMC. The patient and physicians both have two-way video and audio for a more accurate and personal experience.
Through the partnership of HealthONE, and Swedish Medical Center, as a participant in this program PMC will receive one RP-Lite Robot, training, routine maintenance of equipment, as well as 24/7 access to neurologists.
Note: R.A.N.D.I. the telemedicine robot won its name through a naming contest. During the 2012 Fall Festival, community members and PMC staff wrote name suggestions for the robot. Then PMC staff voted on the name. PMC nurse Kim Warren suggested R.A.N.D.I, which stands for Remote Access Neurological Diagnostic Instrument.